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  To my future children, I hope these journal entries help you understand who your father was while he was growing up. I hope each entry gives you’re a perspective on how to maneuver through the world while gaining an understanding of your own path. My only hope throughout these letters is to give you a view from my lens in my current life so you can have a blueprint to navigate through . Love rules all.      

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My name is Thorton Paul and I am a Haitian American, born and raised out of the beautiful city of Boston, MA. I wanted to give my future children a running diary of my life. Failures, heartaches, wins, friends, relationships, motivation, ETC. While speaking to my future kids maybe you can benefit from my truths as well.      


 Coming from a Caribbean household, I never got an understanding on how my parents navigated through life in certain instances. It’s a different dynamic coming from a Caribbean household because we were giving  a sense of grit and hard work. To make a way to a better life, my parents did the unimaginable which is why I understand work ethic but what was hard for me to adjust to were the intangibles and vulnerability. I want to give my future children insights to growing up in a urban setting , maneuvering through life as a person of color and why it is detrimental to live in gratitude 


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