My daughter and I seem to have an unspoken ritual at this stage of her life. She has become a 9 year old terror, in a good way. She’s gorgeous , efficient and intelligent just like her mother.Every morning we try to see who can  wake the other person up first. Whoever loses gets cold water thrown in their face. She’s honestly been kicking my ass lately but this morning I couldn’t allow her to win, my pride wouldn’t allow it but more so it was mommy’s birthday today and I wanted her to rest a bit. The night before, I prepared a water gun under the bed so I would be ready in the morning. I was being a bit petty but I finally understood being the parent meant I could do anything I wanted so she was going to get what was coming to her. It was about 5:06am when I woke  yet as I turned to shut my alarm, there she was with MY water gun pointed at my face. I almost pissed my pants. Before she could pull the trigger , I covered her mouth and signaled her to stay quiet for our queen. Thankfully she obliged and we headed to her bathroom. I honestly dodged a bullet. I had to give her credit, she had me beat once again. We laughed and headed to the sink for our morning meet up. While we brushed our teeth together, she randomly asked me a question. “ Papa, how did you and mommy meet?” As I rinsed out the tooth paste, I smiled and told her to finish up, promising that I would tell her as we set up the first part of mommy’s birthday. She smiled and wrapped up. Z jumped into my arms and we made our way into the kitchen.  As we began to set up I began to explain the year we met as a whole to her and some of the things that led up to us meeting. I always wondered how my parents used to think  when they were my age so I wanted to give her an overview of where I was. I handed her some balloons to blow into while I began my story. “ To be honest Z, the year I met mommy was amazing from start to finish in hindsight. Before I met mommy, I was at a point in my life where I knew what I wanted from a woman and I didn’t want to settle. I started off the year learning how to cut deadweight out of my life, the whole year was a detox and removal of draining individuals from my life. I was at a point where attention was at an all time high because I modeled, I wrote my first book that year about manifesting mommy and I wrote love pieces for black women. I realized very quickly that I didn’t want attention from multiple women, I truly just wanted the sole attention of just one. With my intentions being clear , I knew I had to manifest the woman of my dreams. Mommy was already the woman for me, the only reason I finally aligned and found her was because I spoke who she was to existence.” Addressing the perplexed look on her face, I explained how speaking something into existence simply meant telling the world exactly what you want and believing you have it. She nodded with approval and I continued the story. “ I booked a solo flight to Dubai as a birthday gift to myself for finishing my first book. I went alone because I needed a moment in my life to treat myself the way I’ve always treated others. I needed to feel the unconditional love I always gave but fell short of receiving.” I slipped out of my story and fell into a quick tangent. “ I want you to always love yourself, never second guess your intuition. When you love yourself unconditionally, you’ll start receiving the right love from the right people. The universe will provide you what you provide yourself. “ She smiled with her beautiful sparkling teeth and said “ yes papa”. This little girl makes my heart skip a beat every time she smiles. Continuing with the story “So before heading out to Dubai I decided to head to a location I coined as my manifestation spot. Truthfully, this location was the cause of many of my accomplishments. I manifested a magazine feature there, my first book was manifested there, promotions, even breaking up with the wrong people manifested from that location. Needless to say, I truly believed in speaking to the universe from that particular area. This time around, I was completely focused on what I wanted. I wanted a wife, I didn’t want a girlfriend anymore. I wanted my soulmate, not someone that had a great mask pretending to be someone they couldn’t keep up with . I began to manifest and I detailed everything I wanted. I know these details won’t mean much to you yet but they make mommy sensational. I wanted my wife to have chocolate skin, big glossy eyes, big lips, beautiful natural hair like yours. I was very particular with the height, she couldn’t be shorter than 5’5 and no taller than 6’0. Details like intelligence, family oriented, African decent, physically active, the list went on and on. I was there for about 45 minutes mapping out exactly what I wanted in a woman and how many kids I wanted. That’s why mommy has your two little brothers baking inside her, because I spoke what I wanted to existence.”A very confused look came back on her face and she asked “so if I really want something, all I have to do is talk to God about it?” With a cheeky grin I looked at her and nodded, “yes.  I promise I’ll teach you very soon. Mommy’s going to wake up before I finish the story so let me get to the day we met. Fast forward, I am now in Dubai. After a day of exploring the biggest building in the world and an eighth of the biggest mall in the world, I decided to go to a club in Dubai to enjoy the scene of the city. Dubai is such a beautiful city, at that time in my life it was my favorite place in the world. Didn’t think I would see anything more beautiful than Dubai , until I met the queen you call mommy. I almost didn’t get into the club where I met mommy, but after some persistence and handsome privilege, I was able to get in. The details of the club were amazing, the club felt like an arena with a view of the Dubai skyline. I found a spot in the club and was complied to look around at the scene of the party. As I overlooked the crowd my eyes landed on mommy and it was over before it began. Mommy stood tall in her gorgeous heels  and I couldn’t stop looking at her.” My daughter starts making throw up noises. “ grow up, anyways while I stared in awe of mommy , mommy was actually staring at me in the same way. We caught eyes and quickly looked away. I couldn’t help myself, I needed to keep looking at this goddess of a woman. Every time I looked at her I caught mommy looking at me.” As I started detailing our interaction, I heard footsteps creeping down the steps. I whispered in my daughters ear “ will finish story time later, let’s go get mommy.” While I held my queens gifts, my daughter held her breakfast and we waited for at the end of the stair case. It was such a sight to watch my pregnant wife , smiling coming down the stairs. To think this all started with the idea of asking the universe for what you want. 

Edited by Mrs. Paul