Studio 39

I guess the stars aligned on this beautiful September night. It just felt like the perfect fall night. The moon, full and radiant, reflected off the top of the surrounding buildings. The night was peaceful and calming regardless of the sirens ringing from outside of the windows. I found it quite soothing actually. I guess that’s just what the city provides, a journey to find peace during chaotic moments but I digress . Started to make myself comfortable at home after a long workout. The tea was brewing and Neyo playlist played in the background while I put my sweats on after a well needed shower. I heard a random knock on the door, honestly perplexed by who it could be especially at this time of night. So I yell at the door “ who is it” . No response, Was I expecting someone? I put the volume down a bit and made my way to the door. Staring through the peep hole, I catch a glimpse of your face and could only smirk. Since you wanted to be difficult, I yelled through the door “ why didn’t you answer?” You sucked your teeth and yelled for me to open the door. Me being who I am, I continued asking rhetorical questions while we throw a few verbal jabs back and forth until I decided to open the door. There you were smiling and asking if you could come in. I stopped being difficult and nodded my head yes. You walked in gracefully, and stated you were in the neighborhood and wanted to check on how I was doing. Me and you both knew you were lying. I never knew being in the neighborhood included a brown trench coat and red bottom heels just to stop by but you know I digress. You did look amazing though, you always made it hard to stay focus around you. Some women just understand the power they have, from just knowing what hairstyle fits the season they are in to understanding what color fits her curves. It’s such a sight to see. My place over looked the city so we caught up while sitting on the windowsill. Seeing you always gave me a feeling of peace. We went on for hours, discussing family, sports and different insiders we’ve accumulated throughout the years. The moon seem to bounce off of your eyes at all the right angles. Each stare so piercing. The longer the conversation became, the closer we got to each other. Each laugh became more intimate, and each smile became more arousing. I could tell you had your own intentions when you came here but who was I to stop these intentions from coming true. You noticed a logo on my sweats and you gently grazed it asking what it meant. You knew exactly what you were doing, your confidence was top notch because you decided to leave your hand there after I answered. Taking notice to your hints, I began to touch the top of your hands gently, actually spelling my name out as I move slowly up your arm. You smirk as if you got exactly what you were looking for. The music continued to play in the background and we decided to add our own lyrics. I turned you around, tying your hands behind your back. Kissing the back of your neck as I slowly pulled your pants down. I sit, slowly kissing the back of your thighs and calves while I remove your red bottoms and your pants. As I sit, I enjoy the view. A teal thong and a set of waist beads on full display, I never seen a feast better to devour..

To be continued