As this well-needed shower starts to come to an end, I start to think about what this day means for you and all of the activities that I have planned. You were in for an amazing day. I’ve been planning this surprise for the past three months and I really hope you love it. I poke my head out of the curtain to check the time and it was 5:33 am in the UK.  You should still be sleeping I thought, while I step out the shower and dried off. Today was mothers day and I had an amazing day planned out for you baby. I put on my robe and proceeded to set up phase one. I had a colleague bring about 20 dozen roses to my house at 5:45am because you, as wonderful as you are baby, are very noisy. Anywhere that I thought about hiding these roses you would find in seconds. I digress. I began to remove all of the petals off of the stems of the roses and laid them down all over the kitchen and the bathroom. I wanted you to forget we had an actual floor once you woke up. You are definitely worth the cleanup afterwards. I stand back and take in how beautiful the set up looks but forget I still need to make breakfast. So I create a little pathway and began my prep.

I begin to start prepping breakfast for the 3 of us. Before I start pulling out the food, I wanted to wake up our baby girl and have her come be part of the surprise. I head upstairs and I hear your voice. Confused, I start moving slowly to the door and both you and baby girl were already awake and seemed to be in a deep conversation. You weren’t the only one that was noisy, I quietly walk to the side of the door and began to listen to my lovely ladies.

“Mum, where did daddy go?” Baby girl asked you. “He’s probably downstairs with a surprise for us!” You replied. I tried not to smile to much but I couldnt help it. If anyone would’ve told me in the past that I would be married to a vision like you and a daughter that looks just like you, I would’ve probably laughed. You two continued to talk about a few random topics and shared a bunch of laughs. I realized I needed to start getting your breakfast ready so I got up to make my way back to the kitchen. In the middle of me getting up, I hear baby girl ask you a very intense question.  “Mommy, why did you fall in love with daddy?” Stunned by the question, I sit back down to hear how this was going to play out. You were quiet for about 30 seconds before you spoke again. You stated ” to be honest mama, there’s a million reasons why I fell in love with daddy. But there is an actual moment, I still remember to this day, where I truly felt like daddy and me would be together forever. There was a moment where I complained to daddy about my trouble with someone I was dealing with. Me and your father speak about everything under the sun but even before we were together, daddy and I spoke about everything. Your dad was very mysterious when I first met him, he had a way with people that just made you comfortable around him. In this talk, your dad sat me down and changed my narrative on how I viewed things. I never had someone talk to me in that manner. In this conversation, your dad asked me why I expected so little for myself. I was intially annoyed but understood what his intention were behind the question. Your dad was trying to point out that becsuse I kept being my worst critic and kept beating myself up about certain things, I allowed medicore men into my life that would do the same thing. Your dad is very big on believing in yourself and believing you deserved great things. I didn’t know what I deserved because what I saw in my past was all I thought I could receive. I was wrong.

When I met your dad, he focused so much energy on lifting me up and making me feel appreciated for everything I did. Your dad just believed in anything I put my mind too. In some moments, he believed in me more than I believed in myself. I’ve never experience anything remotely close to daddy. Day in and day out , he showed me something different about love and how he displayed it. Your father didn’t just make me smile, he also made me uncomfortable in ways that made me grow. He made me make the hard decisions early in my life because he knew it would get me ready for what I was asking god for. Your dad became legitimately my best friend. He understood my passion for make up and the reason it meant so much to me growing up. To be quite honest, your dad understands make up now more than some women because he knows how important it is to me. Today is Mother’s Day and I know he’s going to do something amazing for me but to be honest baby girl,  everyday feels like a holiday with daddy. So to answer you question darling, I fell in love with daddy because besides how amazing he was as individual , he showed me how powerful love from the right person could be.” 

I could not stop the tears running rapid down my face. I jumped up and walk down to bathroom. I sat and stared in the mirror, with red bloodshot eyes. I just reflected on the moments she shared with our daughter. I never could imagine someone making me so happy. I did all of those things because from day one I knew my wife was special. They always say you know she’s the one when you see her, this was no different. My wife is literally everything I’ve ever asked for and I knew from day one she was worth waiting for. 

Laughter and foot steps come flying down the stairs. My daughter screams out wow and me and my wife lock eyes. She could tell I heard the story. We say nothing, I kiss her on the forehead and whisper in her ear…. Happy Mother’s Day baby.