Making love; something everyone speaks about but a majority of us have no understanding of. As I’ve grown with you, I’ve comprehended the significance of “ making love” that I didn’t really adhere to before. I approached my 20’s with what my understanding of making love was. Black men aren’t really taught how to make love. From generation to generation men have missed out on an opportunity to teach the gentlemen following behind them how to love a women because they, themselves have never properly learned.  By the time most men do learn, it’s typically after something has gone wrong and they coincidentally realize the woman they have done wrong was the one. For most men It’s a game of “conquering” women never a game of pleasing women. In the pursuit of conquering multiple women, these same women are left unsatisfied. Growing up, I vowed to never be that  way. Not only did I not want to be unsatisfying, I wanted to leave an imprint on every woman’s heart that I encountered in ways she could never forget my touch. To reach this I learned all my lessons on how to please women by listening to everything my female friends didn’t like about men. Always trust the source. Long story short, I became very good at making love. Who better to learn from than women themselves? I learned many great things, none of which has been a greater lesson than the one I’ve truly comprehended now.

While we’ve been together, I’ve learned a deeper level of making love. Something you tend to take for granted in this crazy world. Making love is in the moments, it’s in each second I’m in the presence of you. Not just in the form of intercourse but in the moments we lock eyes while one of us pees and the other brushes their teeth. We make love while we lay in bed discussing how excited we are about the next episode of 90 day fiancé. We make love after heated arguments, dissecting how we could’ve approached the situation and making sure we’ve understood each persons point of view. We make love when we’re forced to give up control of a situation because we understand that other person is genuinely better in a specific situation. We make love when we kiss, passionate drunk kisses to cap off amazing nights we won’t ever forget. I don’t want to reach a moment In my life where I am regretful about any of our moments. Regretful that I took you for granted, regretful that I didn’t kiss you a bit more or a bit longer. Regretful about an argument that I won’t remember in 30 minutes. So for us baby, we will always make love. Making love is cleaning up the house when you fall a sleep after too much sangria. Making love is showing you off after an hour of precision based make up application, knowing to start taking pictures once your make up is set. Making love is dancing like two fools together in the sand while the whole world stops. To me this is what making love is all about because it creates an unbreakable bond, that in turn creates ground breaking physical love making. A love only suited for two individuals that are willing to do anything for each other. One can only imagine the love that will be made.