“They said never
Her, him never
Now the the pastor’s asking
Till death do you take this girl?
I do” — Sean Garrett

I woke up in heaven today. In a few moments on this beautiful autumn afternoon, I will be marrying the love of my life. My best friend, my diddy bop partner, the reason my soul aches when ever we’ve been apart.The moment I have manifested all these years has arrived and I never been so apprehensive in my life. From the first moment I met you on the third floor in West Roxbury I knew you were the one. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I knew you would be mine. I know I never mentioned those details before but in my defense I thought you’d appreciate this information more today. I remember that day so vividly, I was introduced to you by our best friend. I even remember your long hair slightly covering your right eye, it brought a certain mystique to you.

As I stand at the alter waiting for you I begin to take in the energy of the moment. The ceremony is setup in such beautiful decor, you clearly were involved in creating this. I gaze across the rows of beautiful faces that came to see you walk down that aisle, our parents smiles in the front row to our friends head nods of gratitude. Our friends didn’t have to say much, I knew they were telling me I finally got it right. Children laughing, my little brother adjusting his suit while he makes heart eyes at one of your friends, the moment is beautiful. I feel my parents staring so I look back over, my dad gives me a eye wink that absolutely breaks me. In that moment, I knew I made him proud. Things suddenly get quiet and the doors at the end of the aisle opens.

I hear Beyonces voice singing “ after all is said and done” , the emotions in my body instantly shifts. My stomach is in knots and my eyes begin to mist up. The first person I see is your dad staring into a dark hallway with his hand out. I don’t know what is going on but everything starts to move in slow motion. You emerge from the darkness and tears start to flood my face. We immediately lock eyes the moment you look up and tears start to fall on your gorgeous face as well. I feel so bad, your makeup is so beautifully done. In my moment of weakness I turn to my brother and tell him I don’t know if I could do this. He turns me back around and whispers in my ear “ stop being a b*tch.” Exactly what I needed to hear. As I wipe my face and look back up, all I see is what heaven must look like when you stared at me.
Each step you take towards me awakens some of our fondest moments together. While staring in your eyes I get visions of our mall runs where I became the friend you needed before we let our emotions for each other run wild. I reminisce on a moment where you risk something very important to you just to make sure I got home safe. Dinner dates where I couldn’t keep my hands off you regardless of who was watching, to late night singing sessions until our voices crack. All of our moments run through my mind as you get closer. I know what all these moments mean, all of it makes sense now. Which is why I can’t stop crying, I never been happier in my life.

You reach the alter and my heart drops. Details in your dress are absolutely stunning, whats left of your makeup is still gorgeous, I’m just in awe. Is this really my wife? I don’t deserve you darling, but I’m glad you believe I do.

I gave your father a hug and thanked him for his creation but also let him know I got this now. I guide you closer to the alter and each step feels like I’m floating. To be honest, I can’t even interpret what the pastor is saying because I go deaf staring at you throughout the whole ceremony. I do come back into consciousness for just one moment.

“Now the the pastor’s asking
Till death do you take this girl?
I do”