An astonishing day comes to an end. A day, on countless occasions I can reminisce speaking to God about ? Actually came true, and what a day it was. I replay back some of the receptions fondest moments. Moments like your older cousins staring me in my eyes with such a gratifying look, appreciative that I finally became the king I was called to be. The moment when you and my mother held each other in laughter while dancing in the middle of the dance floor. My god daughter, running to me in her beautiful flower girl dress, landing a big kiss on my cheek and stating “Good job Toto!”, while watching our parents enjoy each other’s company at the main table. Such a euphoric sensation ran through my body seeing that. Yet my favorite moment of the whole night was standing up looking for my baby brother and finding him tongue wrestling with your friend, the same girl he was eyeing all ceremony. My boy!

An amazing night comes to an end, an immediate flight was in order and I found myself waking up in a beautiful resort next to thee most flawless specimen I’ve ever seen. My wife, the thought of this being real reminds me why love conquers all. In the midst of your eyes opening, I get lost in your glow. Radiance of ecstasy exudes from the dark bronze skin complexion God has laid on you. Your eyes open and close so gently, I let you enjoy a few more minutes of rest as I just sit in awe of the canvas you call your body. I began to appreciate what the creator has intended for me with slow, intentional kisses on your neck. Signifying that I will forever protect the spiritual connection between your brain and your heart.

As you awaken, I gently lay you on your back and climb on top of you. Interlocking my hands with yours and slowly kissing your forehead. We lock eyes and you smiled, a smile that let me know everything was right in the world. I don’t say anything and proceeded to kiss you softly on your lips, signifying that I will forever keep your secrets. I gracefully release myself from your finger tips and moved my hands down the side of your arms very slowly. Your body will be forever cherished in my possession and I want you to feel each embrace. I move down to your collarbone, working my lips from the outside of your shoulder to the inner section of your clavicle. Slow, wet kisses signifying that you will never have to carry the weight of world alone. Deep moans are released from your body, such a beautiful sound you make. I make my way to your heart and paused, listening to each beat of the most important organ in your body, that same one I once broke. Appreciating this moment more than ever because your heart was mines to tend to again and thanking you for allowing me back. I slide my hands under your back bringing your body closer to mines as I lay the imprint of my lips over your heart. While sliding my fingers tenderly up and down your back I make my way to your nipples, making sure each body part is appreciated. Putting them at ease with the graze of my tongue moving in circular motion before I preceded to kiss them. Signifying that I will always honor the fountain of fuel that will feed our children. As I lay you back down gently, I grip your hips softly and move down to the center of your stomach. My kisses reach every inch of your stomach, from your ribs to the top of that perfectly shape V-line. The place where life is created, the place where we were joined, the place where love is conceived. A scared location where I will always preserve from danger.

I stopped, and you caught wind of my eyes and yelled out baby! With a smirk on my face , I gripped your hips a tad bit tighter to anchor your body for what would come next. I reached the inner middle section of your thigh and began to spell my name out with my tongue. Signifying you were mines from the beginning, confirming it with a slow blow of wind. While guiding your lower back up for a slight arch , I begin to graze my lips around your second pair. Slowly, much slower than other sections of your canvas. At this point you were a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and with just one flick I knew it would be over. I reach the center of humanity, the body part that controls the world. I held your legs down and …… babe, baby! Wake up, we’re here. ( Intercom) Welcome to Secret Bay. Confused as I look around abruptly, my wife is wondering if I’m okay. Have I really been dreaming this whole time ?