It is the 16th of November, the year is 2017 and your dad is wrapping up a very solid year. To give you clarity, the reason why I have been writing you all of these notes is to give you a perspective of my thought process and shed light to some of my goals at this current state in my life. There have been moments when I forget that my parents were adolescents as well, that they had dreams and aspirations in those moments that I would have loved to learn about. I’ve always wanted to see how electric my mother was when someone steered her wrong or how smooth my dad was when he was courting my mother. I feel its necessary for you to get an understanding of who I am now, and my way of thinking. That way it allows you to truly appreciate who I am and what I’m capable of when you I catch you trying to sneak out the house.

Everyday is a blessing, every moment on this earth is beautiful. This is the mantra I lived by coming into this year. I had a clear intention of being in a state of love and gratitude, at our core we are love beings. If you live in a negative head space, that is all you are going to see so I began realizing how fortunate I was and started manifesting what I wanted from that perspective. Looking back at previous years, I honestly took my surroundings for granted. There were plenty of moments where I was very negative because of my surroundings, which I can blame on others but I allowed those things in my life. I appreciated life but not at the level that I do now. I never truly stated how grateful I was for my wonderful parents, I never really shared how much I loved my younger brother, I never really told my cousins and friends how they mean the world to me. All of that needed to change. I made a deliberate effort to be grateful as much as possible, happy everyday and give off positive energy as much as I can. The more grateful I was about each single moment I had on this earth, the happier I became. From there, great things started to happen and I became much calmer in my approach to life. I always saw the bigger picture in a situation, so I would never allow negative energy to bother me. Nothing negative phased me. If you look at it like this, you are what you are. If you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice correct? There isn’t any chance of apple juice coming out, there isn’t a chance of grape juice coming out because its an Orange. Same with people, you can’t fake who you truly are. So if you are pressured or backed into a corner and you live in a state of pessimism or anger than that’s going to come out of you son. But if you are truly grateful, not focused on other peoples thoughts of you and sincerely happy, when you are pressured only love will come out of you. I’m giving you the secret to life right now boy, take this in.

What started to happen throughout the year was honestly very shocking initially because I couldn’t believe that all I needed to do was be happy. I am a big subscriber to manifesting what you want, that if you can feel and
believe you have something, it will come to you. Basically everything that I have been manifesting has come true, and the things that haven’t aren’t ready to be release to me. I told myself in the beginning of the year that I will make the most money I’ve ever made thus far, it happened. I told myself I would make it on to essence magazine, it happened. I told myself I would be promoted again at my current work place, it happened. I told myself I would find away to meet my YouTube fitness mentor( CT Fletcher) and workout at his gym, it happened. From manifesting a model contract to finishing my first book, I truly believed I could do these things and it all happened. I truly live in a state of as you sow, so shall you reap. But no manifestation was as great as telling god that I will get the chance to speak to my best friend again. The feeling of seeing that person for the first time in so long and truly grasping that I made it happen by being grateful and manifesting only cemented my belief in how powerful God is.

So as this year comes to an end, I’m ready to continue to spread an abundance of love to your future family.
Your grandmother deserves an unconditional love, she’s going to get it consistently. Your granddad needs the new Iphone to make him happy so he’s easy. You have a TON of aunts that need to see what true love looks like, I promise to show them and you have a uncle that needs to see this life thing done at a phenomenal level so I have work to do. I’ll be back 2018 to give you the summary.

With Love,