What If?


Let’s sit for a moment. I want you to take a deep breath with me. Take a deep breath and inhale, exhale and let your thoughts become quiet for a moment. Clear your mind for a second. Feel the energy being released through your fingertips. Once you’re relaxed, give me a head nod. Perfect, now insert the thought of us into your mind. Imagine us held close together, dancing to old school R&B while the world sleeps on a random Wednesday evening. Imagine staring into my eyes and feeling the world slow down because this moment was made for us. Imagine feeling so safe in the arms of your lover, the stresses of life seemed a bit easier? Imagine being so in love nothing in the world bothered you anymore? What if bliss was normal? What if this was your reality every day? What if I was yours?

What if you were woken up by kisses on the back of your neck after being tucked under the man of your dreams? What if the door, to any entrance, was consistently opened for you because that was a standard? What if butterflies ran through to your body with just the mere thought of me smiling? What if you were met at home, after a long day of work, with a bubble bath and wine bottle in the hand of your lover? How amazing would that be if everything you ever imagined came true because you believed you deserved it? What if your ideal man, from his height to his scent, was actually yours? The fact of the matter is you deserve to be treated with unmatched intimacy and you deserve random acts of kindness. These things aren’t farfetched. Do not allow the experiences of your past and the mediocracy of the world change your views.

Why is it unrealistic to have faith you will receive a love that will help you grow? Why is it unrealistic to think that your significant other has a keen interest in your hobbies and desires? Why is it unrealistic to believe that the man of your dreams can’t be both gorgeous and faithful? It baffles me what people allow in their lives and complain about it. Stop settling for mediocracy and understand you do deserve respect. Understand you do deserve appreciation day in and day out. You deserve a life changing energy. Do not let the noise of the world cloud your better judgement, continue to speak your wants to the universe and believe that you are important.

I hope you believe that you deserve a love that is both fearless and compassionate, I wholeheartedly believe you do.