All beautiful things come to an end they say. As much as I tried to delay this feeling from setting in, this very moment started to occur to me at 8pm in the UAE. While I take the last sip of my drink, I begin to dread taking my final walk to the front of the hotel. It has been a very long time since I truly felt this upset about an experience ending. There was a true desire for me here, an energy that was sincerely different from what I was accustom too. I look around and embrace the ambiance of the moment and begin to stare at my favorite building. One of the first sights to catch my eye. It was absolutely unique and created with so much attention to detail.

As heart wrenching as it was to come to grips with , Today was my last day in Dubai and I actually needed to be at the airport in an hour. As I wrap up, I say my last goodbyes to new friends and head on my way. I start to head out the restaurant and immediately begin to remember all of beautiful sites from this wonderful solo trip. From being on the top floor of the biggest building in the world , enjoying the biggest mall in the world, enjoying the image of the only 7 star hotel in the world and embracing sunsets on the desert. It was amazing to witness each image, what I wasn’t really prepared for was the fact that your gracious image was the best thing I saw during my trip. The stature of the biggest building in the world was stunning , amazing detail, made from the hands of thousands. Yet you were cultivating, with a body carved directly from the heavens. The biggest mall in the world was a sight to see, filled with some of the most expensive gifts I’ve ever seen. Yet your beauty was priceless , your presence was extremely valuable, and your heart was made of gold. To think I thought the sunset, with all of its fire and glaring energy , was the most jaw dropping vision I laid my eyes on in Dubai. It wasn’t. It was you walking besides me at this moment in your form fitting yellow dress, which fit your complexion incredibly. My initial intention for this trip was to truly appreciate everything life had to offer me. Appreciate the serendipitous moments of the earth while engulfing myself in whatever the world had waiting for me. What my intentions brought me was you. It brought me an energy I haven’t felt in so long, an understanding on what being in the moment really felt like. In one sweep, Dubai became my favorite destination and you became my favorite distraction.

As we walked down this pathway to the hotel, we discuss our moments together. Listening to you speak melts my heart, you speak with such an affection that is contagious. I can hear the passion in your voice yet the regret in your eyes wishing for more time. Understandable to say the least, I thought about delaying my flight a few times the moment I met you. Interesting enough we met each other across the world with no intentions on finding what we found in each other. Fate at its finest. I deliberately tell you how I feel with pure intentions on making my way back, you can sense the honesty and reached over for a hug. You held me like you never wanted this moment to end, a moment that made my heart drop. We say our final goodbye, a few times, then I made my way to the airport. It honestly felt like a movie the way things played out. The feelings felt as though I was in middle school going through my first crush or like a child not ready to leave the playground. It was interesting to see what a complete stranger was capable of if you allowed yourself to be open to the world.

You never know where you will find something special, just be sure you’re aware of it when comes your way.

( Fiction/Nonfiction) You decide. — T.Paul