In the past, I couldn’t imagine anything being more calming or more beautiful than the image of a full moon at night. This glowing image is always better received, from my perspective, at the beach. The scenery is orgasmic, just appreciating the free things in life seem to touch your soul in such a different way. The smooth sounds of the waves crashing on the sand and the soft subtle noises of the universe just puts you in such a state of euphoria its mind boggling. I honestly couldn’t really visualize anything being more prefect and more calming than this moment until my foot prints weren’t the only footprints in the sand that night. With our pinky fingers interlocked, I deemed in a necessity to bring my partner in crime along that night. It was about 10pm in Boston and I couldn’t imagine a moment in the world being more perfect than the moment we were in. The image of a queen standing in your place of solitude is intoxicating, it’s a natural high that I wish everyone could feel. Before we walked towards the water I stared at you while you put your braids in a high bun, I knew my mind was playing games with me once every movement you made slowed down just a bit. I dissected the way your body moved, each twist and turn your neck made, it just felt like poetry in motion. I came to the conclusion that everything is much better with you around.

Our moments at the beach became so intimate, so playful, and just so passionate. Conversations take another form of manifestation in these moments and things you don’t seem to know about yourself seem to just spill out. Other moments are just intensified beyond belief. Moments like me carrying you around with your legs wrapped around my waist. Understanding you are a sucker for my eyes, I lock eyes with you and slowly kiss the bottom of your lips. Slow kisses turn into a soft bite; feeling the effects I have on your body in this moment is truly enjoyable to say the least. A black woman’s lips are to die for just like every other feature she owns. Moments of when we were wrestling in the sand. Being the witty person that you are you trip me just too coincidentally fall right on top of me. Rolling around in the sand like two children with not a care in the world. We lock eyes again but in this moment there is such an innocence energy in your eyes. You can sense the fear that you are becoming more vulnerable than you ever imagined, you can sense that all of this is new to you yet with a quick wink you seem to show you were ready for the ride.

We adjust ourselves and you sit in between my legs, facing the moon and the ocean. We sat and discussed life, discussed how we encountered each other and how it was meant to be. We spoke about our fears and what kept us up at night. In each sentence I began to hear who you truly were, how powerful you’d become and how the world wouldn’t be ready for your full manifestation. I hope my message relied the same. In these moments you get to truly notice what women really want, you get to see that it take a profound effort to consistently stay in tune with her. There’s must be a deep desire to do anything but for the women you want you must make it your life’s work to be connected to her spirit. The more intuitive you are with her energy, the more fulfilled you will become

– T. Paul