Wish You Were At My Games
August 30, 2019
Self Care
5:50 hits and I am awakened abruptly by the chirping of the birds and the brightness of the sunrise. As beautiful as the sight of the sunrise is, the dream I just woke up from...
Love Making
August 5, 2019
Love & Dating
Making love; something everyone speaks about but a majority of us have no understanding of. As I’ve grown with you, I’ve comprehended the significance of “ making...
Time Capsule
January 28, 2019
Love & Dating, Self Care, Uncategorized
My daughter and I seem to have an unspoken ritual at this stage of her life. She has become a 9 year old terror, in a good way. She’s gorgeous , efficient and intelligent...
I Do - The Prelude
August 13, 2018
Love & Dating, Self Care, Uncategorized
25 minutes before our big day and I’m an absolute wreck. Shambles, disoriented, flustered. I’ve been staring at these vows for the past hour, each line pulls...
Mothers Day
May 12, 2018
Love & Dating
As this well-needed shower starts to come to an end, I start to think about what this day means for you and all of the activities that I have planned. You were in for an amazing...
10 PM in Boston
April 20, 2018
Love & Dating
In the past, I couldn’t imagine anything being more calming or more beautiful than the image of a full moon at night. This glowing image is always better received, from my...
What If?
April 12, 2018
Love & Dating
What If?   Let’s sit for a moment. I want you to take a deep breath with me. Take a deep breath and inhale, exhale and let your thoughts become quiet for a moment. Clear...
To My Future Black Son
April 7, 2018
Love & Dating
Baby boy , I love you. Before I give you a brief synopsis of what is presently going on in America, I wanted to send you an abundance of energy. In hindsight what will be...
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